“A Gamechanger” – Cooperative Research Australia Welcomes ATSE Partnership to Boost the Next Generation of Women in STEM

Media Release 

Cooperative Research Australia (CRA) today welcomed the announcement by Minister for Science and Technology, the Hon Melissa Price, that $41.2 million funding over the next seven years would be awarded to The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) to boost the next generation of women in STEM in through the “Elevate Program”.  

“Our congratulations to Kylie Walker and the whole team at ATSE. It will be a game changer. This is a welcome boost and ATSE are a smart choice to lead this initiative,” said Jane O’Dwyer, CEO of Cooperative Research Australia.  

The Boosting the Next Generation of Women in STEM program will run from 2021-22 to 2027-28. Under the program, ATSE and its partners, including CRA, will offer up to 500 university scholarships to women who are re-training, seeking higher qualifications, or undertaking study after a break from either study or the workforce.  

“We are missing out on half the talent in Australia and enormous potential if we don’t have more women across all levels of STEM, innovation and industry-research collaboration. Cooperative Research Australia is delighted with this announcement and excited to partner with ATSE to change the equation,” Ms O’Dwyer said.  

“Currently, Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs), like collaborative entities and post-CRC organisations host a significant portion of PhD candidates undertaking industry-led research in Australia, with around 400 current PhD scholars and more than 4000 PhD graduates across a broad range of industry sectors. The cooperative research community’s education programs also capture a high level of engagement with students at the postgraduate coursework, undergraduate and TAFE level, and a range of internship programs that connect students with industry projects.   

“We believe a thriving STEM workforce is key to driving innovation and boosting Australia’s economy.  

“A diverse and inclusive pipeline of STEM professionals is critical to achieving this objective.   

“The Elevate program will play an important role in increasing the representation of women in the innovation workforce, and foster new, deeper and enduring collaborations between industry and academia, which aligns closely with the broader vision of CRA and our members.  

CRA looks forward to working with ATSE and other partners to develop and deliver a high-quality program for impact that fosters closer ties between industry and academia, professionally develops our future leaders in STEM, and elevates more women into leadership in our innovation ecosystem.  

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