Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 24
Contact: Professor Brent Kaiser
Status of Bid: Full bid development
Seeking Partners: Yes
Prospectus: Alternate Protein CRC Prospectus

Bid Description:

The ALT PROTEIN CRC will create transformational science and technology platforms to support a sustainable alternate protein food ecosystem to capitalise on growing Australian and export markets. The CRC will bring together, coordinate and harness the ecosystem of research, industry, community, and government to identify, prioritise and support market-led opportunities for industry in new protein foods and ingredients. This will be achieved through:

1) Transformative research programs seeking to enhance the value and functionality of protein-based ingredients and foods.

2) Implementing sustainability programs that ensure carbon footprints are minimized with circular-based economies driving productivity and resource utilisation.

3) Educating industry and the community on alternate protein foods with focussed education, training skills development to expand and diversify this rapidly evolving industry.