Care Economy CRC

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 24
Contact for bid: Carmela Sergi
Status of bid: Rebid
Seeking partners: Yes
Description: The care economy provides care and support services to meet the needs of recipients across the life course. It includes early childhood education and care, aged care, disability services, health care, family services and social housing. It is essential for a successful economy and is critical to boosting productivity, sustaining full employment and ensuring cities and regions thrive. Despite being the largest employer in Australia with over 1.8m jobs there is a projected shortage of care workers into 2050 and beyond.

The Care Economy CRC will develop product and service innovation in the care sector to improve care quality, productivity and end-user experience. Working across three critical areas of care technology, care workforce and care delivery the Care Economy CRC will provide solutions to improve productivity in the care economy and help overcome chronic skills shortages.