Cooperative Research Australia calls for a collaborative and innovative approach to achieve sustainable and diverse higher education in Australia 

Cooperative Research Australia (CRA), the voice of industry-research collaboration, has published its submissions to the Australian Universities Accord Panel Discussion Paper Consultation and Diversity in STEM: dialogue starter.

“We commend the Australian Government for approaching the challenges facing our country’s research and higher education system from simultaneous fronts and encourage a unified and coordinated national effort to ensure sustainable growth and development of Australian capacity,” said Cooperative Research Australia CEO Jane O’Dwyer

Our contribution to the Department of Education’s Australian Universities Accord Panel Discussion Paper Consultation centred around the importance of research and innovation for long-term growth and prosperity Australia.

Our submission to this consultation aligns with key messages from the OECD’s report “Education policy outlook in Australia” published on 10 April 2023. At the core of the OECD report, lies fundamental notions that CRA strongly advocates for such as a coordinated system at all levels to enhance national policy efforts, building on international experience, and better funding and policies to achieve a sustainable and inclusive education system.

“We encourage a coordinating body to better support research and innovation across higher education and research, including greater collaboration between industry and academia.

Building a workforce drawn across disciplines, capable of working across boundaries and investment into areas of national need, such as advanced manufacturing, critical technologies, First Nations scientific and educational leadership, and decarbonisation and upskilling of the workforce to meet these demands will be critical to Australia’s ability to meet challenges.”

Our contribution to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources’ Diversity in STEM: dialogue starter highlighted the importance of a collaborative approach where all stakeholders must work together to challenge stereotypes and promote diversity at all levels of the STEM workforce.

“We at CRA are committed to working with all stakeholders to create a more diverse and inclusive STEM system that reflects the diversity of Australia’s population and thereby foster wider participation from those currently underrepresented and have our nation benefit from the advanced outcomes created through diverse channels of thought and delivery.

CRA is pleased to have an opportunity to contribute to the development of Australia’s higher education. We are committed to promoting a collaborative approach that fosters innovation and diversity within the higher education and research sectors in Australia. We look forward to continuing to engage with government and stakeholders to drive positive outcomes for the sector and the broader Australian economy.

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