Cooperative Research Australia (CRA) Advocates for Industry-Research Collaboration in the Treasury’s Measuring What Matters Consultation

Cooperative Research Australia (CRA), representing the voice of industry-research collaboration, welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Treasury’s consultation on “Measuring what matters.” As the lynchpin in the Australian innovation system, CRA emphasizes the crucial role of collaborative research in driving commercial, economic, social, and environmental outcomes that benefit all Australians.

“Our focus is on the significance of industry-research collaboration in achieving the policy themes of a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable Australia” said Cooperative Research Australia CEO Jane O’Dwyer.

“The proposed indicators put forward by CRA aim to measure R&D collaboration, the high-skilled workforce, and innovation outcomes. By assessing these indicators, we can gain insights into the workforce’s ability to support innovation and industry-led research, thereby fostering a growing, productive, and resilient economy.

“These indicators align with the key principles outlined in the policy themes, emphasizing the importance of investment in innovation, industry-led research, and skill development. Additionally, promoting sustainable resource use and social and economic accessibility should be prioritized. By considering these principles, we can ensure a prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future for our country and its people.

Cooperative Research Australia is committed to working collaboratively with the Australian Government to release a new standalone Measuring What Matters Statement in 2023. This statement will serve as the nation’s first comprehensive framework on well-being, providing a holistic assessment of our country’s progress and guiding efforts to create more opportunities for Australians. 

View our submission here