Cooperative Research Australia (CRA) Presents Key Recommendations on AI to Government Consultations

Cooperative Research Australia (CRA), representing industry-research collaboration, has made submissions to two government consultations on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education and industry, advocating for a strategic and collaborative approach to AI governance that positions Australia as a global AI leader.

“AI is a critical technology for innovation, and our members across the industry-led research ecosystem see the potential for Australia to be the spearhead of the AI revolution”, said Cooperative Research Australia CEO Jane O’Dwyer.

First, CRA’s submission to the House Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training’s inquiry into generative AI in higher education emphasises the potential benefits, risks, and strategies for implementing generative AI tools in education.

The recommendations highlight AI’s positive impact on education, including personalised learning, critical thinking enhancement, accessibility, data-driven insights, streamlined administration, and future-ready skills. Further, managing AI implementation risks requires careful consideration and the incorporation of past experiences, such as virtual classroom rollouts and AI integration in the health sector, to inform best practices.

“To ensure successful future impacts, continuous professional development, human value emphasis, clear policy guidelines, and stakeholder collaboration are crucial,” Ms O’Dwyer said. “Ultimately, cooperation among educators, researchers, policymakers, and technology developers is essential to align generative AI tools with evidence-based research and educational goals.”

Second, CRA’s submission to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources’ “Supporting Responsible AI” advocates for a collaborative and strategic approach to ensure safe AI development and implementation. 

CRA recommends investing in AI research and infrastructure and hosting an AI International Convention or Global Summit, which have the potential to position Australia as a global AI leader. The goal would be to promote collaboration, knowledge exchange, and international standardisation, fostering responsible AI practices and driving innovation across sectors.

“We are calling for clear and magnified guidance and coordination of AI governance across government, drawing inspiration from local models, such as the National Quantum Strategy, and international risk-based approaches where human lives are at stake – for example in Healthcare,” Ms O’Dwyer said. 

“Cooperative Research Australia firmly believes in the transformative potential of AI and its ability to advance Australia’s prosperity and is committed to working collaboratively with the Australian Government to position this nation as a global AI leader, setting an example for responsible AI practices worldwide.

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Cooperative Research Australia strengthens and promotes the transformative potential of collaborative, industry-led research through knowledge exchange, professional development, and advocacy. Cooperative Research Australia (CRA) represents Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs and CRC-Ps) and similar collaborative research entities, universities, industry, post-CRC entities and companies, CRC-Projects and related businesses, CRC alumni and individuals with an interest in industry-research collaboration. CRA members are a lynchpin in the Australian innovation system. They are focused on creating new value in our economy for the benefit of all Australians and represent an estimated $4 billion in collective investment in innovation and commercialisation between industry, universities and other research institutions, and the Australian Government.   

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