Cooperative Research Australia on the 2022 List of Critical Technologies in the National Interest

Cooperative Research Australia (CRA), the voice of collaboration between industry and publicly  research, welcomed the opportunity to participate in the 2022 List of Critical Technologies in the National Interest (the List) consultation process.     

CRA commends the Australian Government on its commitment to science and innovation and appreciates the effort to identify critical and emerging technologies needed to provide the country with a clear competitive advantage, accelerate productivity growth, create well-paying jobs and secure supply chains.   

“The Blue Print for Critical Technologies and List is a good step forward for Australian innovation and is critical for future growth, productivity and prosperity” said Cooperative Research Australia CEO, Jane O’Dwyer.  

“Our members’ expertise and interests cover a broad sweep of technology needs, and we have made recommendations against specific technologies. 

“There is an opportunity in future work on Critical Technologies to take a more integrated approach, making it clear how the Critical Technologies list links to broader plans. 

The List is focused on standalone technologies rather than integrated solutions involving cross-cutting applications and business models.  

In addition to review of specific technologies, CRA also recommended changes to the way critical technologies in the national interest are presented and greater clarity on how critical technologies are linked to broader national strategy.  

Cooperative Research Australia is committed to working collaboratively with the Australian Government to build a technological strategy that ensures an innovative and prosperous country for all Australians and looks forward to further opportunities to contribute.   

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