Cooperative Research Centres – Project (CRC-P) Sleeptite partners with RMIT and Sleepeezee Bedding Australia launched world-first Aged Care Monitoring and Alert Technology

Last week Sleeptite, a Melbourne-based advanced manufacturing company, launched the world-first smart monitoring systemREMi developed specifically for the Aged Care sector. Federal Minister for Industry, Science and Technology, Karen Andrews was also in attendance for the launch.  

The system has been designed to enable the Aged Care workforce to non-intrusively monitor residents during the night and receive alerts at critical moments, for example if a resident falls – or is at risk of falling. 

REMi will assist carers with their workload and ensure the lives of those in their care, especially when they sleep, are managed with respect and dignity.  

Cooperative Research Centres Association CEO Jane O’Dwyer joined Sleeptite at their Melbourne test facility for the launch of Remi and was so pleased to see the impressive outcomes of collaborative partnerships between industry and research, and the commercial opportunities that develop from this.  

“This is such a great example of how the CRC program continues to contribute to the Australian economy and the extraordinary value that it generates for the nation. said Jane.  

REMi technology has been designed and developed in Australia and is a result of partnerships between the Australian Government (through Cooperative Research Centres – Project grant)Australian researchers from RMIT University and an Australian manufacturer Sleepeezee Australia. 

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