Bidding for a CRC

Are you currently preparing for, or thinking about a CRC bid in the current or a future round?  Are you also looking for partners?  If so, Cooperative Research Australia wants to know.

Bidding for a CRC is a competitive process. By letting us know about your CRC bid we can help you make the connections and introduce you to the people you should be talking to.

If you would like your bids advertised in the monthly Cooperative Research Australia newsletter, which goes out to 10,000 email addresses please email us.

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Cooperative Research Australia will help guide you with your bid and when bid time comes around, we will help you with a mock interview and provide feedback. If you are interested in this service, please email us.

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CRC bids for Round 24 and 25

  • Sustainable Supply Chain CRC
    The Sustainable Supply Chain CRC aims to address the fragility and risks in Australian supply chains, with a focus on sustainability, decarbonization, and resilience.
  • Advanced Air Mobility CRC
    The Advanced Air Mobility Cooperative Research Centre (AAM CRC) will drive the realisation of advanced air mobility in Australia, leveraging Australia’s established aerospace capability and supporting growth of new and emerging aviation technology companies through cooperative research.
  • Care Economy CRC
    The Care Economy CRC will develop product and service innovation in the care sector to improve care quality, productivity and end-user experience.
  • Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC)
    The Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) will catalyse industry, community, and government action to achieve net zero emissions from agriculture by 2040, and below net zero by 2050.
  • Solving Plastic Waste CRC
    The Solving Plastic Waste CRC will enhance industry-driven research and collaboration across the entire plastics value chain - transforming the way plastic products are designed, manufactured, used, recovered, recycled and how plastic pollution is remediated, by developing new materials, products, technologies, processes and systems.
  • Green Economy Transition CRC
    This CRC aims to accelerate Australia’s transformation to a green economy. It will develop the ecosystem needed for economic growth, and create products and services to support Australia’s transformation towards net zero.
    The ALT PROTEIN CRC will create transformational science and technology platforms to support a sustainable alternate protein food ecosystem to capitalise on growing Australian and export markets.
  • Augmenting Ability CRC
    The fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the relationship between technology and humans, and we are increasingly using technology to augment human capability and skills.
  • hemp CRC
    The Hemp CRC will involve industry partners in building strong foundations for a secure and sustainable hemp industry of the future.
  • CRC for Mega-Event Innovations (MEGACRC)
    MEGACRC will develop innovations to underpin the enduring legacies of major and mega-events through an exceptional fan & community experience.
  • Super CRC
    The superannuation system is at a critical inflection point as the population ages and as the national savings pool matures to rank with the very largest institutional investors on the world stage.
  • Copper for Tomorrow CRC
    The Copper for Tomorrow CRC will develop mining and processing solutions across the copper value chain to provide a step change in both the economics and the sustainability of copper production, thus meeting both market demand and sustainability goals.
  • Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC
    As companies around the world increase their reliance on renewable energy, new challenges are emerging and there are great expectations for green hydrogen to accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to greener alternatives, achieving crucial net-zero emission targets and protecting our planet and all who inhabit it, now and into the future.

CRC bids for future rounds

  • Nature Positive Economy CRC
    Critical Supply Chain CRC will deliver an innovation ecosystem that supports the redesign of Australia’s domestic and international supply chain capability – a collective capability that can be applied to specific outcomes.
  • CRC for Lower Back Pain
    We propose a Corporate Research Centre, in partnership with strong and robust partners in the public and private sectors, to implement and evaluate a holistic approach for low back pain generated through the highest-quality body of research in the field, and based on nnovative, technology, and eHealth-based solutions.