CRC for Advancing Biological Inputs for Agriculture

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 23
Contact for bid: Chanyarat Paungfoo-Lonhienne
Status of bid: Concept
Seeking partners: Yes
The proposed CRC for Advancing Biological Inputs for Agriculture will bring together key national and international players in the field to improve fertiliser practices by advancing the plant biostimulants technology for high-yield and high-quality plant production in agriculture. The centre will demonstrate and broaden the scientific basis and scope of plant biostimulants research with new technology to increase the delivery efficiency of plant biostimulants for use in agriculture. We will explore delivery technologies that leverage locally generated organic byproducts. As such, the project has significant potential to not only enable more effective use of inorganic fertilisers, but also to recycle and add value to organic wastes.

While the Critical Supply Chain CRC will focus on the medical products supply chain, the technologies and knowledge developed will also be applicable to supply chains for other manufactured products. As such the impact of this CRC will likely extend beyond the focus industry.