transform:crc for Digital Materials Engineering

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 23
Contact for bid: Dr Victor Pantano
Status of bid: Full business case development
Seeking partners ?: yes

Everything revolves around materials.

They are at the core of our most economically important industries: resources and critical minerals, medical products, clean energy, defence and space. Whether they’re extracted from the ground or manufactured, they are the lifeblood of our economy. However, they can be finite or expensive to extract and produce.

What’s more, our industries are making multi-million-dollar decisions based on decades-old data or methods for processing or manufacturing. We need to learn how we can make extraction processes more efficient, and how we can produce new or better materials, because our industries have an urgent need for materials designed and produced for bespoke applications.

This challenge provides the opportunity for the transform:crc for Digital Materials Engineering – to bring “digital” – data science – to the traditional world of materials science and engineering.