The Bid CEO is a fixed term contract from July 2022 onwards.

Remuneration is by negotiation.

The role is contracted to the Wheen Bee Foundation which is acting as the secretariate of the CRC Pollination Security Bid.

There is potential for term to be extended based on outcome of application process and funding availability.

The CRC PS Bid CEO will lead the CRC bid process. The role will:

  • Liaise with Existing Stakeholders to define the projects of interest
  • Liaise with Existing Stakeholders Determine the Co-investment commitment
  • Identify gaps and where possible bring in additional co-investment partners to fill budget or skills gaps
  • Secure new and additional stakeholders and co-investment partners.
  • Develop CRC Application for submission in Round 24
  • Comply with data management best practices to ensure the security and integrity of the data is maintained
  • Determine the appropriate CRC bid entity structure
  • Establish the entity governance framework.

The successful candidate will have:

  • Experience working with CRCs
  • Demonstrated ability to develop successful bids (especially CRC bids)
  • A thorough knowledge and understanding of the Australian pollination industry and its vital role for food security, biodiversity and ecosystem health. 
  • A proven ability to create and foster productive collaborations within and between scientific and industry groups and to manage collaborations and conflict resolutions among groups with diverse skills and objectives.
  • A comprehensive understanding of intellectual property protection and demonstrated IP management skills

Desirable skills include:

  • Demonstrated ability to define future research directions in consultation with scientific and industry groups.
  • Demonstrated achievements in technology transfer to industry, and/or successful commercialisation of research outcomes
  • Demonstrated skills in team building, negotiation, strategic planning and communication
  • Competence in public relations and in dealing with the media

For a full position description please email [email protected] and