CRC SAAFE – Solving Antimicrobial Resistance in Agribusiness, Food and Environments

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 23
Contact for bid: Erica Donner, Jeff Kasparian, Alex Lloyd
Status of bid: Full business case development
Seeking partners ?: yes
Description: CRC SAAFE will address the impacts of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) on Australia’s agribusinesses, conducting research aligned with Australia’s National AMR Strategy. AMR is internationally recognized as a global crisis, projected to cost the global economy US$100 trillion and cause 10 million deaths p.a. by 2050. AMR is a critical challenge for food and agribusinesses as they rely on effective antimicrobials to treat disease and illness. AMR threatens animal health and welfare, sector productivity, food security, export markets access, and the environment.  CRC SAAFE will improve the monitoring of AMR risks, develop new treatment solutions, and provide actionable insights for all industry stakeholders.