Excellence in Innovation Awards 2017

The Awards for Excellence in Innovation 2017 were presented at Collaborate | Innovate | 2017  on Wednesday 24 May at Parliament House.

The CRC Association Awards for Excellence in Innovation were initiated in 1999 to recognise outstanding examples of the transfer of CRC research results, knowledge and technologies that have been developed for a wide range of users of research, including the community, companies and government agencies.

Up to four awards were available for innovation with demonstrated impact for Australia. The impact might arise from innovation in the application and use of research or from innovation in education and training or public outreach activities. The judges were delighted to present four awards in 2017.

Modulating cancer gene signals to deliver promising new treatments

The enzyme PRMT5 is a new drug target offering therapeutic benefits for both cancer and blood disorders. The CRC has signed an exclusive multi-million-dollar global deal for PRMT5 inhibitors with MSD/Merck in one of the biggest pre-clinical drug licensing deals in Australian history.

Pestpoint® for remote pest identification

Pestpoint is a communication tool for remote pest identification, allowing individuals and groups to make swift decisions about management options. It’s proving valuable in developing countries as well as Australia.

Communicating Coastal Risk in Australia and the Pacific

Coastal Risk Australia is a world-first website that is enabling people in Australia and the Pacific to visualise how their neighbourhoods could be vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Transforming a city: urban water innovation

The CRC for Water Sensitive Cities is revolutionising urban water management, with remarkable results in the City of Kunshan in China. This is leading to a market for water sensitive design services in China and Australia.