CRCs – Connecting communities

CRCs – Connecting communities, released on 24 November 2003, provides a snapshot of the outstanding recent achievements of the CRC Programme. Examples from twelve CRCs are included. The projects were all entries for the Awards for Excellence in Innovation, given at the CRC Association’s Annual Conference in Canberra, in May 2003. There were three winning entries, including one focused on Education.

These projects show how CRCs are helping to deliver innovation for Australia by bringing together researchers with the users of the research, to ensure that the research is well focused and taken up and used.

The value of CRC trained post-graduate students was also recognised with the inclusion of stories about the work of the eight finalists who took part in a Conference session “Showcasing CRC Post-graduate students”, sponsored by CSIRO.

Adobe PDF fileCRCs – Connecting Communities 2003