Agrivoltaics – Four Bottom Lines CRC

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Future
Contact for bid: Julia McKay |
Status of bid: Full Bid Development
Seeking partners: Yes
Prospectus: N/A

Co-location of intensive agriculture, rotational livestock grazing (large and small animals), viticulture, broadscale cereals, pulses, brassicas and tropical cash crops with solar installations. An approach that incorporates agricultural production, social licence, regulatory reform, biodiversity enhancement, eco-credits (LGCs, STCs, ACCUs, Biodiversity Offsets, Nature Repair Credits), cost benefit analysis for landholders and developers, community benefit sharing, solar panel design (wavelength optimisation), solar efficiency, water harvesting, structure design and interconnection engineering. The project aims to achieve reduction in neighbour objections, streamlined approval processes, stimulation of regional economies through job creation from seeding, harvesting, processing and marketing of high value agriculture, given that solar installations after construction provide very few jobs. Acceptance of solar installations is 80% greater if intensive, productive agriculture is included in the project – see France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea and emerging policy from the USA. Agrivoltaics are optional in Australia but mandatory in the jurisdictions mentioned above.