Nature Positive Economy CRC

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Future Round
Contact for bid: Professor Andrew Lowe
Status of bid: Planning/Partner development Phase
Seeking partners: Yes
Website: Nature Positive Economy CRC
Prospectus: N/A
Description: The Nature Positive Economy CRC aims to rapidly transition to a ‘nature positive economy’ that decarbonises and reverses biodiversity decline in profitable and globally competitive ways.

While there are some exciting innovations and initiatives in this space, the leaders of the emerging economy need to build greater trust, lower the costs of participation, expand the product range of this market, and ensure social licence.

We invite innovative, leading organisations to join us in building the nature positive economy in Australia. Expected outcomes include capable and confident business communities ready to help Australia build a 21st century economy that achieves jobs and growth outcomes and positively impacts the planet and humanity.