Genomic selection to accelerate adaptation to climate change in aquaculture

Type of bid: CRC-P
Round 16
Contact for bid: Melony Sellars
Status of bid: Full bid development
Seeking partners? No
Current Partners: Fisheries Research and Development Corporation, Australian Prawn Farmers Association, Tassal, Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture, Seafarms
Description: Aquaculture is one of Australia’s most valuable and rapidly developing primary industries but the impacts of climate change are already all too evident, with warming waters increasing physiological stress and vulnerability to diseases in Australia’s farmed fish, crustacean and molluscs.  If Australian and global aquaculture enterprises are to achieve their full potential for sustainable growth there is an urgent need to accelerate the capacity for all sectors to adapt to climate change.  We propose to meet this challenge by harnessing the power of genomics to refine and accelerate the rate of genetic adaptation to climate change in aquaculture species.  Our strategic intention is for this approach to be applied to all aquaculture sectors but our initial focus in this proposal is on Australia’s Black Tiger prawn farming sector. The reasons for this choice include; the geographic spread of the industry from the Northen Territory to Northern New South Wales and associated diversity of temperature regimes and production environments, the high fecundity and short life cycle of farmed prawns and associated speed of response to genetic selection, industry-wide support for the proposed initiative and direct on-farm participation by Australia’s three leading Black Tiger Prawn seedstock producers.