Economic Participation of Indigenous Communities CRC

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 23
Contact for bid: Professor Peter Radoll
Status of bid: Full business case development
Seeking partners ?: yes
The aim of EPIC CRC is to enhance the ability of Australian Indigenous peoples to participate more fully and equitably in the Australian economy.

EPIC CRC research programs will focus on three industry sectors: First Foods – Food and Agriculture; Service Industries with an initial focus on Indigenous tourism; and Green Industries, which will include renewables, mining/minerals, and construction.

Linking the research programs are four cross-cutting themes: land and sea management, markets, Indigenous IP and knowledge, and education and training.

Activities of the CRC will include: developing pathway programs aimed at enhancing Indigenous participation and employment in key economic sectors; developing and delivering capacity building activities to enhance entrepreneurship, business acumen and governance; developing appropriate support mechanisms and models to ensure successful start-ups and growth of Indigenous businesses; developing appropriate approaches for the ownership and self-determination of Indigenous businesses; developing approaches for the enhanced recognition and utilisation of Indigenous IP for the benefit of Indigenous communities and businesses, and; developing improved mechanisms for the utilisation of Indigenous assets.

Prospectus: Download prospectus