Higher Education Research Commercialisation IP Framework

Cooperative Research Australia (CRA) welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the Higher Education Research Commercialisation IP Framework.

Cooperative Research Australia commends the government for taking the initiative to reform IP agreements to incentivise and increase collaboration between businesses and universities through commercialisation. IP negotiations can be an area of significant
impedance for collaboration and anything that can expedite, enhance, or demystify this process is a worthwhile undertaking that we support.

The CRA makes the following recommendations in our submission

  • Reconsider making standardised IP agreements mandatory across the sector.
  • Draw upon the lessons of 30 years of CRCs in collaborating and negotiating IP agreements.
  • Do not lose focus of the importance of fundamental research.
  • Templates should be accessible and understandable, and a cover abroad range of industries.

View the submission here.