Light Insight Trial (LiT): Smart bike lights data and road safety

Historically, insights related to the road safety issues faced by people who ride bicycles in Victoria has been limited. This has, in turn, left a gap in knowledge and limited evidence to inform road safety improvements. In response a team of road safety experts, researchers and cyclists will investigate whether the use of smart bicycle lights can address this gap and therefore improve safety for this group of road users.

Project background

Given the recent increase in active travel participation during the COVID-19 period and growing cycling infrastructure, initiatives for safer cycling are likely to further boost and encourage cycling participation.

Increasing the visibility of people who ride bikes is one of the key strategies to improve their safety. The technology integrated into See.Sense’s bike light has the potential to increase the visibility of cyclists and reveal data insights related to safety, cycling environment, and riding quality. These insights will create tremendous opportunities for safety diagnosis and policy making for safer cycling.

This trial aims establish if providing cyclists with this world-leading technology that enhances their visibility will also provide new insight into the road safety issues faced by this group.

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