Managing water for towns, cities and the environment

MUSIC (model for urban stormwater improvement conceptualisation) is eWater’s urban water software designed to help urban stormwater professionals evaluate strategies to tackle urban stormwater flows and pollution impacts. It is an easy to use modelling tool for both simple and highly complex urban stormwater systems using water sensitive urban design. It can simulate urban stormwater systems ranging in scale from a suburban block up to a whole suburb or town.

Since MUSIC was first developed in 2001 by the CRC for Catchment Hydrology (later eWater CRC), the software has been used by thousands of professionals throughout Australia, helping efforts to reduce pollution in streams, rivers, and receiving waters. It now has more than 5000 users around the world. eWater commercialised the market leading MUSIC software to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the software.

The eWater CRC also developed Australia’s first national river basin scale modelling system, eWater Source. Source is now being adopted nationally as an enterprise modelling platform for integrated water management. Source can be used in planning and operations modes for river management and has been developed to address water sharing and savings for entire river and connected groundwater systems. It offers important new features and capabilities dealing with water reform, climate change and environmental water. Source can also be used for urban water supply management at the town, city, and regional scale. It can assess a full range of supply and reuse options including desalination. This allows users to incorporate towns and cities into water management models for river systems.

eWater moved out of the CRC program in mid 2012 to become a not-for profit, membership based organisation. It continues to support its software products and the professional development of water professionals in best practice modelling for water management.

20 years of CRC achievement in water management