Plastic Waste CRC

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 23
Contact for bid: Professor Chengrong Chen
Status of bid: Full business case development
Seeking partners?: yes
Description: The Plastic Waste CRC will rethink the way we design, use, and reuse plastics to create a viable and valuable circular economy for plastic, and a cleaner, safer environment. The development of a circular economy for plastic is fundamental to solving Australia‚Äôs plastic waste challenge. The Plastic Waste CRC will identify new technologies, products, services and industries that can emerge from taking on a circular economy approach. By rethinking the way we design, use and reuse plastic, the Plastic Waste CRC will fast-track the development of a viable and valuable circular economy for plastic that will create 1000s of jobs, drive business, economic and export growth, and result in a cleaner, safer environment.
Website: Plastic Waste CRC