Program Leader

RACE for 2030 is seeking an outstanding Program Leader to lead the RACE for Homes Research Program who will be based within UNSW’s School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications and seconded to the Reliable Affordable Clean Energy for 2030 Cooperative Research Centre (RACE for 2030 CRC). This is an opportunity to play a key role in Australia’s clean energy transition and to join one of the largest ever cooperative research efforts in Australia, with more than 70 industry, research and government partners. As the Program Leader RACE for Homes, you will be managing up to $3 million in cash and $6 million in kind per annum for research. This is a Strategic and Delivery Leadership role where you will be accountable for developing, managing, monitoring, and reporting on projects within the RACE for Homes research program through all phases of the project lifecycle, to ensure high quality, high impact, industry relevant research.

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