Regional Advanced Manufacturing CRC (RAM CRC)

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 23
Contact: Robert Stojanovic
Website: RAM CRC
Information Brochure: RAM CRC Brochure
Status of Bid: Initial Planning
Seeking Partners?: Yes

Bid Description: Regional Australia plays an important and vital role in Australia’s national prosperity and productivity. The renewed focus in Sovereign Manufacturing is a national priority and opportunity to revitalise regional manufacturing across Australia. The Regional Advanced Manufacturing (RAM CRC) has a bold vision for the next generation of Advanced Manufacturing in regional and remote Australia. The RAM CRC will bring together University and Industry partners from across the country to support product and process innovation, economic development, and jobs growth in the regions. Regionally based sectors such as agriculture, food and beverage, mining and resources, energy, health and social services, transport and supply chain logistics will all benefit from the research activities in a RAM CRC. The RAM CRC will play a significant role in transforming sovereign manufacturing in regional communities by building scale and strengthening capabilities in resilient, sustainable, agile, and connected regional and remote advanced manufacturing.