Sleeptite wins Excellence in Collaboration Award at ITAC Conference

Melbourne-based aged care technology company Sleeptite has won the Excellence in Collaboration Award at the Information Technology Across Care (ITAC) Conference.

Sleeptite won the award for its collaboration with RMIT University and Sleepeezee Bedding Australia which has successfully developed REMi® – a world first, non-invasive resident monitoring and alert system that has the potential to revolutionise the aged care industry.

The ITAC Awards recognise innovative solutions and developments that put a focus on improving the lives of senior Australians with companies across the disability, residential aged care, home and community care and retirement living sectors eligible.

REMi® is the result of an exceptional industry-led, research collaboration which has seen the rapid translation of research into a commercially viable product which will result in better health, economic and community outcomes.

Sleeptite CEO Cameron van den Dungen was in Sydney to accept the Excellence in Collaboration Award and said:  “It is an honour to have the Sleeptite REMi® collaboration recognised by the aged care sector at ITAC 2022. It feels quite fitting that we should receive the award for “Excellence in Collaboration” as our program has been one of the most remarkable partnerships I’ve experienced throughout my career.”

“Sleeptite’s REMi® collaboration saw finished product manufacturers sitting at the table with fundamental researchers from the very first product scoping session, and the research and development has been actively led by carers, nurses, and the broader aged care sector. It has truly taken a village to create REMi®,” van den Dungen continued. 

RMIT University’s Professor Madhu Bhaskaran (Chief Investigator – REMi®) said: “REMi® shows the power of true partnership and the extraordinary results we can achieve through a collaboration built on mutual respect and clear, shared goals.”

Sleeptite’s REMi® has been designed to enable the aged care work force to non-intrusively monitor aged care residents whilst they’re in bed each night and receive alerts at critical moments such as if a resident falls out of bed – or is at risk of falling, thereby assisting with their workload and ensuring the lives of those in their care, especially when they sleep, are managed with respect and dignity.

The REMi system will foster a revolution in the delivery of aged services, it will empower carers to provide value-added service, assist with productivity and provide respect and independence to older people through safe and non-invasive monitoring. You can read more about REMi® here

The ITAC Awards were held during the 2022 ITAC Conference held at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse in Sydney from the 12 – 13 July with a key focus on how technology can support service delivery and improve care across the aged care sector.

The role technology has played in delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the findings and recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has put the sector on notice with van den Dungen saying the path forward is clear.

“Australia has the chance to become world leaders when it comes to increasing both the quality of healthcare provided to its elderly and the quality of their lives through technology; technology like Sleeptite’s REMi® that not only supports the valuable care workers but enables them to provide global best practice of care for our elderly,” van den Dungen said. 

Learn more about Sleeptite here.