Submission to the Green Paper to inform development of a National Food Plan

The purpose of this submission is to recommend that the Australian Government’s successful and enduring Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) model is an appropriate economy-wide institutional form for initiating, managing and delivering collaborative research under the National Food Plan.

This submission:

  1. Examines the implied strategic approach for Australian Government future investment in innovation, research and delivery under the National Food Plan – drawing on statements in the Green Paper and the contemporaneous Rural Research and Development Policy Statement;
  2. Aligns the challenges in implementing this strategic approach with the unique characteristics and successful track record of CRCs; and
  3. Assesses the potential for the CRC model to deliver the Green Paper’s stated objective of increasing public investment and attracting private investment to cross-sector R&D, directed to productivity improvement and value adding in the food industry.

Adobe PDF fileCRCA Submission to National Food Plan Green Paper