Super CRC

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 24
Contact: David Gallagher
Status of Bid: Concept
Seeking Partners: Yes
Prospectus: Super CRC Prospectus

Bid Description: The superannuation system is at a critical inflection point as the population ages and as the national savings pool matures to rank with the very largest institutional investors on the world stage.

The benefits of the CRC will accrue in the form of improved retirement income adequacy and alignment for super fund members; reduced costs and enhanced growth opportunities for industry participants; and diminished pressures and a reduction of risk for the medium to long term Federal budget.

The CRC will address five key industry-validated opportunities with a view to building a range of commercial solutions, which will collectively serve as a national asset for the future.

Sixteen million Australians are members of a superannuation fund. By positively impacting the personal financial security of each individual member, this CRC will enhance the social fabric of Australian society.

The CRC structure is a unique avenue that brings together a highly motivated team of experts from industry, regulation, the university and venture capital sectors in a cross- disciplinary manner. Together, they will work to generate significant commercial, social and educational outcomes that can propel Australia’s retirement system into the digital age.