The fight for the talented and the well-trained

Amongst reports of dropping demand for graduates, Cooperative Research Centres are still fighting to grab the best and brightest.

One of the great outcomes of the Cooperative Research Centres is the talented, industry-ready graduates. CRCs fund approximately 5% of Australia’s PhDs.

“CRCs fight to recruit the best students”, says CEO of the CRC Association, Dr. Tony Peacock. “Sometimes they will pay more in their scholarships; they always make sure there is a lot of interaction with their industry”.

In the Department of Education’s 2014 “Initiatives to enhance the professional development of research”, CRCs made up 5 of the 15 case studies, showing the experience of over 20 years in working with industry.
Some CRCs currently seeking scholars:

All CRC postgraduate students have access to the Researcher Development Frame work (RDF) by Vitae, which was developed for the UK Research Council. The RDF identifies the knowledge behaviour and attributes of successful researchers.

“We know that business and industry don’t employ PhD-level researchers in Australia at anything like the rate of countries like the USA, Korea or Japan” says Dr. Peacock. “We need to train more postgraduates to be interested and effective for industry, and have industry valued research skills”.

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