Using science to make better vegan café lattes

Future Food Systems CRC’s newest partner, iconic health-food brand Sanitarium has teamed with dairy-formulation specialists at UNSW to optimise performance in the company’s plant-based ‘Barista’ milks. 

The oat, almond and soy milks are designed for the food-service industry and manufactured on the NSW Central Coast by Sanitarium licensee The Alternative Dairy Co.™. According to Sanitarium GM – Development & Innovation Paul Ginn, Barista milks are “in high demand in the café sector” across Australia and New Zealand.

The just-commenced project, led by UNSW’s Professor Cordelia Selomulya, will use advanced foodprocessing methods to improve the ‘silkiness’ and foaminess of the brand’s oat and almond milks.

“We’re looking to optimise the company’s low-fat, additive-free milks to get the best possible performance from them in real-world food-service settings,” Prof. Selomulya says.

The project team includes food scientists with extensive experience advising dairy and appliances firms on milk-product formulations for coffee.

Sanitarium sees this as the first in a slate of CRC-brokered projects.

“We are looking forward to … collaborating with the deep expertise of the food engineering research within the UNSW Future Food Systems group on projects across our flagship brands,” says Ginn.

“We’re confident their expertise will offer solutions to ensure we can continue to bring quality health foods to our consumers.”

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