Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC)

Type of bid: CRC
Round: Round 24
Contact: Oliver Frith
Status of Bid: Full bid development
Seeking Partners: Yes
Website: ZNE-Ag CRC
Prospectus: ZNE-Ag CRC Prospectus

Bid Description:

The Zero Net Emissions Agriculture Cooperative Research Centre (ZNE-Ag CRC) will catalyse industry, community, and government action to achieve net zero emissions from agriculture by 2040, and below net zero by 2050.

Agriculture contributes 14 percent of Australia’s national emissions. Australia’s agricultural industries already harness science and innovation to build system resilience to climate and disease threats, to reduce emissions, safeguard market access, and increase industry value.

This CRC will coordinate key players among industry, government and research partners nationally to achieve massive emissions reductions, that would not possible if agricultural and other associated industries operated in isolation. This Win-Win-Win strategy will ensure Australia’s agricultural sectors increase their economic viability, profitability and long-term asset building, as they simultaneously implement strategies and actions to meet and exceed emissions reduction targets.